Blogtober #9 ~ A Day Off

Hi everyone! Unlike some of my other Blogtober posts which were written in advance I’m writing this today. I’ve been having a weird morning. A university housemate had been showing symptoms of Covid-19 and the house is facing the prospect of a 14 day self-isolation. The thought of going back into a proper form of isolation is one that it is very daunting for a lot of people, myself included, so I’m going to focus on me today.

When I’m having an off day I prefer to look at it as the title of this post suggests, a day off. I spend the day trying not to think of the things that are stressful or scary or making me nervous. A day off needs to be light, easy. If you can’t keep your mind from racing, a problem I often face, then use that energy for something else.

Go for a shower. Making sure that feel normal and clean is a great way to start a day off. Remembering to brush teeth and completely any face routine/morning routine you already have in place is a great way to start.

Eat breakfast. I’m not always good at having breakfast but days like today where I’m feeling down I often get headaches which turn into migraines. I always find that eating in the morning often helps reduce any pain in my head.

Drinking. Water, cups of tea, fruit juice. Remembering to do the small things on a day like today creates small, achievable goals which makes looking at the bigger problems slightly easier. Also, making sure to stay hydrated is another great way to reduce headaches.

Engage with your hobbies. For me this is reading a couple chapters of a book, playing some form of video game etc. I often find myself painting my nails on a day like today as it is a good activity to help me concentrate on something other than the larger problem.

Get some air. Difficult when self-isolating but opening your curtains and window to get some fresh air into your room is always a good idea.

Sleep when you need to. Having a big problem often makes me feel tired. Having small naps to improve your energy levels is a good thing in my opinion. Set an alarm so you don’t sleep for too long and wake up feeling groggier.

It has already been a stressful day and it’s only two o’clock currently for me. If you have any tips or tricks with dealing with stress I would love to hear them. The UK turnaround on Covid Testing seems to be all over the place so it’s looking like it will be a few days before my housemate knows about their result. I am desperately hoping that it is negative. Trying to stay motivated to do university work is going to be much harder when I won’t be able to take breaks outside like I usually do. Although today has been a bit rubbish for me I hope you are having a good day and are looking forward to the weekend.

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I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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