Blogtober #10 ~ Series I Did Not Like

Hi everyone! Back today to complete my trilogy of posts all about book series. We’ve had the ones I love and we’ve had the ones I will not be finishing but today I will discuss the series’ that I not only completed but now actively dislike/hate/loathe in some cases. A lot of these come with hindsight, knowing how the series ends and being disappointed or looking back and realising the plot wasn’t that good to begin with. If one one of your absolute favourite series is on this list please do not think I am saying anything about your reading tastes. This list is my opinion and without further ado let’s get into it.

  • Divergent- Veronica Roth. Book one gripped onto the dystopian genre. A divided nation, one teenage girl who is so different she can stop bad things happening (it has been years since I last thought of these books so my recollection of the plot is hazy at best). Separating people into groups based on traits is not a new idea but with Tris as the leading lady Divergent started off great. I remember very little about the second book Insurgent except that Tris travelled around. Finally, we come to Allegiant. If my review so far has you thinking “well the series didn’t leave much of an impression” the last book certainly did. Spoiler alert if you haven’t read the book!! If there is one trope I hate above all else it’s ending a book/series/film/TV show with something along the lines of “oh, this wasn’t real, it was all a test and the rest of the world was just going on as normal this whole time so nothing any of these characters ever did mattered.” So anticlimactic. Also another big spoiler ahead. Do not kill off your main character for shock value. It’s a cheap move and taints the entire series.
  • The Mortal Instruments- Cassandra Clare. My love for The Infernal Devices knows no bounds and yet Clare’s first series fills me with rage. I do think that Clare’s writing has VASTLY improved since writing City of Bones but the thought of rereading it fills me with second hand embarrassment. The series, which should have stayed at three rather than six books, is a cluster of tropes, relationships that overlap or make no sense OR ARE INCESTUOUS (but proven not to be later on so we’ll remove that line from which ever book it is that Jace confesses his desire for Clary who he thinks is his sister). The problem with a lot of Clare’s books I’ve found is her unnecessary desire to have every single character in a relationship at the end. It is so annoying having to read so many different point of views about the same kiss, the same touch etc. All of her descriptions in this series are carbon copies across the books. There is only so many times you need to read someone has golden blond hair for the message to sink in. I also disliked the last book at lot. Unlike her other trilogies there is too much going on in The Mortal Instruments and towards to end it reads like Clare has lost control of the plot and the characters.
  • After- Anna Todd. I didn’t read the original Wattpad books but I hate the small part of me that insisted I read each and every one of these books. The relationship between Tessa and Hardin is the most horrendously toxic one I’ve ever read. The constant fighting, the lack of communication, the times where either one of them was too drunk to consent. The list of problematic scenes across this series is vast and probably never ending. No one in this series is at all likeable. Tessa, our protagonist, is a slut shamer who dislikes every other girl around her own age because they have sex (God forbid). She then cheats on her high school boyfriend. The amount of hypocrisy and double standards in the books makes it close to unreadable and each book is quite big so it’s not worth anyone’s time.

This list isn’t as long as the other two mainly because there are a lot of book series that I’ve never read. If you have a personal favourite or one that you really dislike let me know and I might get around to reading some of them in the future. From looking at this list it’s mainly poor writing that makes me dislike a series. Roth relied on tropes and motifs that had all come before her so the series is unoriginal and the ending is an absolute mess. Clare’s series shows just how much her writing has actually improved and come along across her career but The Mortal Instruments in a slug of a read. Todd’s just shows that what is written on Wattpad may be best left on Wattpad because it is just chaos.

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