Blogtober #11 ~ Go To Study Snacks

Hi everyone! When I’m studying, this includes reading primary and secondary texts, writing notes, creating revision cards etc, I always have snacks around me. By having some form of snack close to hand reminds me that whenever I need a break I can take one and by having them close means I won’t be taking too much time away from my task to go make something. It is really important whilst doing long stretches of study/revision to take breaks as going uninterrupted may actually be worse for retaining information in the long run (or so I’ve been told my entire life I’ve never actually read a paper which would back up that statement). So here are my Top Five Go To Snacks for studying!

  1. Sandwiches. I make my sandwiches before I sit down to focus. My current favourite sandwich is honey roast ham on brown bread with spinach and cucumber. The best thing about sandwiches is they are so easy to make and are often neglected but you can put anything you want between two slices of bread, or toast or in a bap (bap= bun, roll, barn etc). Other favourite fillings of mine include: tuna and sweetcorn, chicken salad (the salad being spinach, cucumber and some honey mustard dressing) and turkey with cheese and red onion.
  2. Vegetable Sticks. Prep before you study once again. Prepare carrots, cucumber, celery how you like it and enjoy. I prefer my cucumber skinless (I’m sorry to anyone who likes the skin but it just doesn’t do it for me), my celery cut into smaller bites and my carrots cut into batons. I often have sweet pepper with my other veggies but I am a firm believer that each pepper tastes slightly different and the yellow and orange peppers are the only ones I can eat raw (not sorry about it). I’ve recently been eating my veg with hummus- a particular favourite of mine is the Moroccan style hummus from Tesco.
  3. Fruit. Sometimes these don’t even need prepping just washing. My all time favourite fruits to snack on are pears, pineapple, and grapes. Pineapple requires cutting up but that little bit of effort is completely worth it. I do enjoy putting grapes in the freezer before eating them (thank you to whoever on the internet said that was a good idea).
  4. Ryvita. This is similar to the sandwiches but often are a bit messier to eat. It is just a cracker made from Rye. I have only ever tried the original Ryvita but they have lots of variation to suit your tastes. My favourite toppings for Ryvita are: cream cheese and salmon as well as just plain butter.
  5. Popcorn. A treat amongst the study snacks. There are so many types of popcorn out there so you can definitely find a personal favourite. My favourite popcorn is just plain salted as its easy and I prefer savoury to sweet popcorn.

Along with these snacks always make sure you’re keeping hydrated. I switch between fruit squash, smoothies and the occasional can of Pepsi Max when working. Do you have any snacks that you couldn’t live without? Do you have any snacks that other people might think are weird? When I first put together my Ryvita some of my housemates said it looked like I was eating cardboard but each to their own I guess. I hope you are having an amazing Sunday and are looking forward to next week!

Published by Allie About English

I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

2 thoughts on “Blogtober #11 ~ Go To Study Snacks

  1. Great snack ideas. I personally choose a good ol’ fashioned pb&j or a nutella sandwich.

    I would also add hummus to the list. I love to dip some pretzel crisps in hummus. Sooo good


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