Blogtober #13 ~ A Day at University

Hi everyone! University can often feel hectic and I often find myself thinking that I never have time to get all of my work done. Days seem to go so quickly and before you know it deadlines are upon you and you’re rushing around to get your work done. I’ve felt like this a lot already this week (it is Tuesday) and that is because my mid term assignments are being released this Friday. I feel like I’ve only been back at university for a few days, although in reality it has been three weeks. This feeling of a lull in my productivity is what prompted this post. I’m going to look at a standard day in my life at university, to show you guys (and mainly myself) how much work you can get done within 24 hours!

Monday’s at University:

  • 07:45– My alarm goes off and I get out of bed. I go straight upstairs to brush my teeth. Come downstairs and put the kettle on. Make myself a cup of tea and some breakfast. On Monday’s I usually just have a bowl of cereal.
  • 08:10– Make my bed and set up my desk for the seminar at 9. Get dressed and ready for the day. Read through the notes I’ve made on that week’s set text and on the secondary criticism I’ve read. Check email box from university. Send ‘good morning’ messages to my family, my boyfriend and my best friend from home.
  • 09:00– Seminar begins on the hour. Discuss that week’s text, for example this week I was looking at Marlowe’s Edward II. Engage with the class and take notes.
  • 11:00– Seminar has finished. Look through notes I’ve taken. Highlight key points in my notes. Take bowl and mug from breakfast into the kitchen and clean them up.
  • 12:00– Lunch. I have a light lunch most days. Probably a sandwich or a leftover of a meal I made the night before. Check social media.
  • 12:30– Check emails again. Look at my online class pages to see if anything new has appeared. Ensure that all reading a prep notes are ready for Tuesday’s seminar.
  • 14:00– Get a snack and a drink if I need one. Will go and talk to my housemates about how they are or if they have anything interesting to share from their seminars/lectures that day. Check my food planner to see what I want for tea (sorry if you say dinner I say tea as a my largest meal of the day). Check social media.
  • 15:00– Catch up on Booktube videos. Personally I love watching The Irish Reader’s videos and Booksandlala. I’ll also probably watch a couple of episodes of whatever series I’m currently watching- I’ve started re-watching Glee recently. Last checks of this weeks work and plan my reading time for the rest of the week to make sure I get everything done on time for the following week. By 17:00 everything work related that done should be complete and I can relax.
  • 18:00– Start preparing and have my tea. If I’m making a larger meal that I can freeze I usually take one to two hours to make a meal. Some of my favourites are spaghetti Bolognese. cottage pie and curry. It’s during this time me and my housemates spend a lot of time together as we’re usually all in the kitchen as lectures have finished for the day.
  • 20:00– Reading whatever book I’m reading for fun. I’m hoping to finish Starter for Ten by David Nicholls soon. I will also either call my family, boyfriend or home friends and catch up with them in the evenings.
  • 22:00-Get into my pyjamas, brush my teeth. Make sure my alarm is set for Tuesday seminar and get into bed. I usually read or watch a few videos in bed (bad I know) but I end up falling asleep around half 11, quarter to twelve each night.

So there is a typical Monday at university for me. It’s weird that all my classes are online this year but I’ve gotten used to it. I definitely dedicate my mornings to studying. As I mention my typically cut-off time for work related things is 17:00. I can change this during mid terms or when I have something big, like a presentation, the next day. If I don’t have anything urgent coming up though, having a time where I put away all my notes and stuff allows me to have a lot of time for myself. Ensuring that you can relax and still stay on top of work is a vital skill for university!

Published by Allie About English

I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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