Blogtober #19 ~ Black Mirror Discussion

Hi everyone! Over the weekend my housemates and I started talking about our favourite TV shows. A few were mentioned but the talk quickly turned to Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology is one of my favourite series to watch. I love how each story puts forward a new type of technology which seemingly has dark consequences for its user. That is what inspired todays impromptu post. I’m going to rate all of the episodes of Black Mirror from my least favourite to my favourite. Very unbookish, I know, but I thought that some episodes are quite spooky so they fit into the Halloween/scary theme of October! So here is my ranking of the episodes.

  • Metalhead: Series 4, Episode 5. For me this is the worst episode. Thankfully it’s also one of the shortest so it’s over very quickly. 0/10. Truly hated it.
  • USS Callister: Series 4, Episode 1. Another one I hate. I don’t like the story or any of the characters.
  • The Waldo Moment: Series 2, Episode 3. This episode always seemed boring to me. The political satire didn’t work for me.
  • The National Anthem: Series 1, Episode 1. The very first is also one I’ve never re-watched. Once you know how this one ends there is no need to ever watch it again.
  • Playtest: Series 3, Episode 2. Quite scary and the ending has quite a good pay off initially but I wouldn’t ever choose to re-watch this one.
  • Crocodile: Series 4, Episode 3. I just hated the main character so much. I can’t really remember much of this one except the moment with the baby which I’ll never forgive.
  • Arkangel: Series 4, Episode 2. Initially a great premise for the technology. However, I’ve never felt more frustrated at casting. No one seemed to fit their ages and I felt so much more could have been done.
  • Fifteen Million Merits: Series 1, Episode 2. The end speech by Daniel Kaluuyla is one of the greatest moments in the entire show but the episode doesn’t stand up entirely against others.
  • Be Right Back: Series 2, Episode 1. This one I found absolutely horrific. This is one where the technology truly is the villain.
  • Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too: Series 5, Episode 3. A nice look at the inner world of celebrity but not strong enough. Although the songs Miley Cyrus released as Ashley O are bangers.
  • Men Against Fire: Series 3, Episode 5. A controversial placement perhaps but the “twist” ending could be seen a mile off.
  • Shut Up and Dance: Series 3, Episode 3. I remember within the first scene of this episode I had exclaimed to my boyfriend that I had a doubt about the main character which put the whole episode off from the start. Good twist, but one I saw coming from the first couple of moments.
  • The Entire History of You: Series 1, Episode 3. Starting to enjoy most of these episodes. A good cast and I liked the premise but I really dislike watching plots that revolve around cheating on a partner.
  • Smithereens: Series 5, Episode 2. A unique plot and Andrew Scott is in it which automatically bumped it up a few spaces.
  • Striking Vipers: Series 5, Episode 1. One of the better stories in Black Mirror. I liked how the relationship changes throughout and although the ending isn’t entirely satisfying it remains re-watchable.
  • San Junipero: Series 3, Episode 4. A fan favourite that I didn’t think was as good as any of the others higher up on the list. Uplifting doesn’t suit Black Mirror.
  • Nosedive: Series 3, Episode 1. Bryce Dallas Howard carries an entire episode on her back and does an amazing job. I just hate that this plot already seems to be coming a reality.
  • Bandersnatch: Netflix Interactive Film. Loved being able to make choices and liked seeing everyone else complete the story. I always wished that choosing which breakfast had a greater consequence on the plot.
  • White Christmas: Series 2, Episode 4. The whole concept creeped me out. The story telling in this episode is sublime where the small details are revealed slowly and excellently.
  • White Bear: Series 2, Episode 2. The roller-coaster of emotions in this one is unmatched. You are placed in a situation where you know as much as the character on screen only to learn at the same time as her that she is not what she seems. Brilliant.
  • Hated in the Nation: Series 3, Episode 6. Bees. The bees. I loved the ending so much. The look at how social media can change how you view people is one of my favourite stories. I also really like a good crime drama which this episode emulates perfectly.
  • Black Museum: Series 4, Episode 6. The acting. The three seemingly unlinked stories. The ending. My boyfriend actually worked out who the girl was quite early one but this remains the second best episode of the show.
  • Hang the DJ: Series 4, Episode 4. My love knows no bounds. You can call me a hypocrite because of my comment of San Junipero but this is without a doubt my favourite episode of Black Mirror. There are few words that can sum up how much I love this story. This is my most re-watched episode and the ending, with the song Hang the DJ playing over the end just fills me with an abundance of happiness.

So there is my ranking of the worst to the best episodes of Black Mirror. There are definitely some that I will never re-watch but others I could put on and enjoy just as much as I did the first time around. As I look at the list I’ve realised that besides the top two on my list I really didn’t enjoy series 4. Perhaps the reason I love Hang the DJ so much is that it came after three really awful episodes and it was a light relief. Have you watched Black Mirror? What would you say is your favourite episode? Let me know!

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