Blogtober #24 ~ Favourite Tropes

Hi everyone! When picking books to read I try to know very little about the plot. I hate knowing about things before I go into reading a book. That being said if a book’s plot, or B plot, can be summed up into a single sentence you know that will either love it or have an issue with it. Some tropes, like miscommunication in Romance, can take a book from a three star to a two star for me personally. Today though I am talking about the tropes that when I see them associated with a book I get excited. These tropes are my favourites I would always be willing to try.

  • Enemies to Lovers. A staple in all genres. A classic trope that just makes sense. Nothing truly excites me more than reading about two people who cannot stand each other before their dynamic starts to slightly shift into romance. The greatest of all tropes. In reality this trope really needs a slow burn romance, if the novel is a standalone then the couple can’t go from hard enemies to sleeping together in the first half (looking at you Red, White and Royal Blue).
  • Slow Burn. A close second in my list. I love reading about a relationship where the two people slowly develop feelings for each other. It can be harder to pull this off in a standalone novel but when it is done well it’s amazing. I do prefer a slow burn across series as you get to see smaller moments that build up the beginning of a relationship.
  • Game/Competitions. Books with some form of competition/challenge between individuals or teams. Some of my favourite books have this trope: The Night Circus, Beach Read. A book where the plot revolves around competition is a book for me. I definitely want to read more books which include sport competitions.
  • School settings. Call me a perpetual student who wants to be a teacher. I love seeing characters in school/educational settings. You get a broad cast of characters who are on a similar journey but the chaos that ensues in these settings is infinite.
  • Detective/Assistant. Sherlock and Watson. Strike and Ellacott. I’ve realised that in crime fiction I really love this trope of characters. The main detective who is a well known crime solver and the younger/inexperienced assistant who learns about the job as their time together progresses. It’s a great dynamic and one that I really enjoy reading.

So there are my Top 5 favourite book trope. From this list do you have any recommendations for me that you’ve really enjoyed? What are your favourite tropes? Let me know! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!

Published by Allie About English

I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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