Blogtober #25 ~ Final Week

Hi everyone! We’re now heading into the final week of October and the last week of Blogtober over here at Allie About English. This blog, as well as being an outline of this final week, is going to be a little Week in the Life of a university student. I’m going to break down my week. This serves as a mash-up of a study schedule and some fun Halloween plans for the last spooky week of my year before I turn into a complete Christmas fairy.


I have my last 16th century literature seminar of the half term at 9am. After this I need to plan a meeting with both of my first semester lecturers to discuss my mid-term essays. I have already picked out my question for both modules and on Monday I need to start research for my secondary criticism. Once all my work is done around half four I’m going for a walk with my boyfriend to the local park. We’re going to head out for hot chocolate and some dinner. After not being able to see each other whilst I’ve been in self-isolation we’re also going to start a countdown to Halloween by watching Scream- one of my favourite slasher films. My Monday blog is going to be Bookish Halloween costume ideas.


I have a dance class on Thursday but I put away most of my Tuesday morning for practicing. My teacher has started giving us micro choreography to learn over the week and starting Tuesdays with dance gets me ready for the day. I have my last Arthur seminar at 11am. After this class I’ll be doing more work for my module mid-terms. I also am going to start work on my Dissertation introduction. In the evening I’m cooking for me and Declan. Our next film is Monster House. My Tuesday blog is going to be a look at how I best find secondary criticism for essays.


I usually have no university seminars on Wednesday’s but this week is different. My 16th century lecturer has planned an extra hour of class to discuss. This means my day will be broken up into three sections. The morning I will be relaxing and making sure that all my notes are up to date. Then there is the seminar. After that I’ll be returning to my essay work and editing my introduction. I’ll be watching my Halloween film by myself so I’ll be going for something not scary, probably a go through the Friends Halloween episodes. My Wednesday blog will be looking at my Halloween playlist.


I have my Dissertation lecture and I am hoping that my Introduction will be almost finished. My research for my essays should be finished by Thursday, I’ll have all the resources I’m going to use in my essays so I can start planning how I am going to use it. I have my tap class at 6pm so my evening will probably be: class, tea, and a movie in bed. My Thursday blog will be looking back at my first half semester to see what I did well.


My reading week begins and I’ll be having a day off. Ill be reading books I want and not thinking about my essays or Dissertation. Some days have got to be days for yourself. I’ll probably watch a couple of films: I definitely want to watch Hocus Pocus for the first time. Friday’s Blog will be my October reading wrap up.


Halloween. I’ve got plans to do some baking- I’ll be making cookies and decorating them. Halloween films will be on in the background all day. Due to Covid Halloween will be a more toned down affair, but I’m planning on having some cocktails and eating a lot of a sweets. The last blog of Blogtober will a wrap up of my last month.

So there are my final plans for Blogtober. I’m looking forward to the coming week as I have a lot of exciting stuff planned. I need to get as much work done as I can in order to relax on Friday and Sunday. Having a plan like this just makes time management easy. I hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to the count down to Halloween!

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I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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