Blogtober #28 ~ Halloween Playlist

Hi everyone! Whether you’re trying to get into the spooky mood or are having a small lowkey Halloween night then I find that everyone needs a killer Halloween Playlist. I’ve always had a couple of favourites and this post is all about giving you some Halloween inspiration!

  • Monster Mash– An absolute classic. Fun for dancing to and it’s so catchy.
  • Hammer Horror (Kate Bush)– eerily brilliant song, I’d also recommend watching a films by the company the song is named after.
  • I Put a Spell on You (any version)– I love the Annie Lennox version but this song just conjures up images of witches.
  • Ghostbusters Theme– go watch the film and then listen to the theme all night long.
  • Thriller (Michael Jackson)– the music video scared the life out of me when I was younger. The dance. Iconic Halloween song.
  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween classic and this song is absolutely brilliant.
  • The Addams Family Theme– another creepy classic to play to get you feeling scary.
  • Time Warp– Although the Rocky Horror Picture Show isn’t necessarily scary this song is terrifyingly perfect for Halloween.
  • Disturbia (Rihanna)– Turn this one up loud, one of Rihanna’s best songs.
  • Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)– a classic song and a spooky title.

So there are a few of my favourite songs to get you fully into the Halloween mood! There are so many songs out there that get you feeling spooky. Do you see your favourite on this list or do you have a completely different favourite? Let me know!

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I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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