Blogtober #31 ~ Summary

Hi everyone! We are at the end of October and today is my last Blogtober post! I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has had a great October. Mine has been a mixed month, between highs of starting university again and the low of having to self-isolate I would never want to repeat this month. This blog is summing up my Blogtober- from what I did well to what didn’t really work.

Good Points:

  • I liked every post that I put out this month. Some were longer than others and some had more engagement then others but I am proud of every post I put out this month. There were some days where I considered giving up the challenge but I have enjoyed doing little bits of writing each day.
  • I wrote about different things. This is mainly a book blog. But over Blogtober I’ve spoken about other things. From lifestyle to films/TV to a couple music blogs I’ve really enjoyed having different areas to focus on this month.
  • Engagement. This blog is relatively new. I started it in August. All of my blog posts in October have been viewed multiple times, which a big majority being liked by other bloggers. I never intended to get hung up on engagement statistics for this blog but in October my blog reached over 100 total likes and it made me happy to see people are engaging with my content.
  • Distraction. As I’ve pointed out in posts, there were some days where my mental health took a bit of a hit, especially during my Covid self-isolation. One of the best distractions for me was Blogtober. When there were days I didn’t feel like getting out of bed or dressed I knew that at 5 o’clock in the evening I needed a post to upload. I know that this blog doesn’t reach hundreds of people and no one was pressuring me to upload but it felt nice having an activity to engage with each day (even if some days I forgot to Tweet about it).

Not So Good Points:

  • Missing a day. I didn’t post every single day of Blogtober. In the minds of some that may mean that I failed the challenge I set myself. In my mind the day I missed was spent outside, walking around my university city, for the first time in two weeks. So although I didn’t quite manage a post every day I did put myself first so I’m not too bothered.
  • Lack of book reviews. I didn’t read that many books in October. This mainly comes down to my lack of motivation during self-isolation to do anything. I wanted to put out more than the two reviews that I managed.

So there is my summary of my Blogtober. This experience has made me realise that I am a very new blogger and definitely have things to learn. I realised early on that getting posts written with a lot of time to spare is better than writing a new post every morning. I also read so many other people’s blogs over this month but I also never compared my own to theirs. I feel that as this month has gone on my voice has come through a lot to you, hopefully you all know me a lot better than you did at the beginning of the month. I hope you’ve had a fun time reading my posts and I hope you all have a very fun and safe Halloween night! I need a drink!

Published by Allie About English

I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

4 thoughts on “Blogtober #31 ~ Summary

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot of hard work but I’m glad I carried on with Blogtober (although there were days I did feel like giving up)

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