2021 Reading Goals

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2021, a year which I really, really hope is better than the last. Although not everything about 2020 was dreadful I look forward to a year which (hopefully) will return to some form of normalcy. I completed a lot of firsts in 2020. I started my blog (this very one which you are now reading) in August and joined Twitter for the very first time. I was approached by an author to provide a review for the first time. I completed a blogging challenge in October (which I still can’t believe I managed). I read 56 books in 2020, the most books I’ve ever read in a single year. With all these good book related things to look back on this blog will be looking at my personal Reading Goals for 2021. Will I keep to them all? Who knows, definitely not me but in 365 days I’ll be able to see if did manage any of these goals. The goals I want to set myself vary, in my opinion, in difficulty because I know for instance that I will complete my reading for university but it is a goal I’m setting myself. So let’s see what goals/challenges I’m setting myself for 2021!

Complete my Goodreads Challenge (Properly)

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t do the Goodreads Challenge properly this year. I started off in January with a target of 45 books. I hit this around September and extended the goal to 60. I then spent the last three months of 2020 worried and stressed about reaching a goal I’d set myself and now realise how idiotic that was. Therefore (and I haven’t decided yet which way to go) I am either going to set my target again at 60 or just put it at 2 or 3 so I get the instant relief of reaching my goal a few weeks into the year.

Get my Required Reading Done in the Week Before the Discussion

I would love to sit here and write that I turned up to each of my online seminars 100% prepared, all the reading done etc. I can’t however, mainly because I was lazy and spent a lot of time drinking in the evenings instead of reading but that is the life of a university student (or so I’m told). So I want to attend all of my seminars in my second semester (my very last semester!!) having completed the required reading the week before. This will mean instead of cramming a Shakespeare play into the hour before it’s due to start (and then giving up, looking on SparkNotes and then finishing the reading a week later) I will be giving myself a longer period of time to get my reading done.

Read (Most of) the Books I Received For Christmas

For Christmas I received a staggering 21 books. I was so amazed that my family and friends selected so many great books for me. There are a couple longer books that are so intimidatingly big (I was gifted War and Peace which I don’t think will be on the cards for 2021) so I won’t be reading all of them. However there are some which I will definitely be getting to first:

  1. Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie
  2. The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa
  3. Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Buy Less Books

I bought so many books in 2020. I had to buy books for university, there were new releases I was looking forward to but mainly I was bored. I bought a lot of books and many remained unread. In 2021 I will be limiting my book buying and once I have purchased the remaining university books for the new semester I don’t plan on buying any books until my birthday in February or until Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro is released in March. Technically I want to put myself on a book buying ban and I probably will after March. I’m going to save money and read what I already own.

Go Through my Collection and Donate What I Won’t Read

This is my last reading relating goal. I have so many physical books taking up shelf space and 2021 is the year that I will be ruthless in my unhauling. Books I bought but will not read will be going. Books I read but didn’t enjoy will be going. Books I will never read again will be going. I am not keeping any books that do not bring my joy in 2021. I will be donating most of my books to local charity shops as it’s a nice way to get books to a new home but I also might look into selling a couple.

So there are my reading related goals for 2021! If you’ve set yourself any goals for this year please let me know! Also, if anyone knows of any special reading challenges coming up early this year let me know as I want to get involved with some challenges. I hope everyone has a great 2021 and thank you to everyone who took time to read any blog post of mine in 2020!

Published by Allie About English

I am a 20 year old student who loves reading books which helps because my degree consists of reading books and writing essays.

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